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History of lodhi

Lodhi is a Hindu community in India. They are Kshatriya.


Origin and History

The word Lodham first originates in Rigveda (The oldest literature of Sanatan/ Hindu dharma), Mandal-3,Sukta-53, sloka-23 [2] [3], then the word again shows its presence in Manusmriti, Chapter VII- 54 [3] [4] and in Parashuram sahitya. In all the slokas depicted, the word Lodham is used for Shoorveer / warrior/ brave. Lodh were the first Kshatriyas of the earth.


When Parashuram killed The Chakravarti King Sahastrabahoo (A Lodham) the then left over leaders of Kshatriyas (Lodham) went to The Lord Mahesh. The Lord Mahesh saved them from Parashuram and ordered all the Khastriyas (Lodham) to choose farming instead of Kshatra (weapons). As The Lord Mahesh saved the Lodhams from the atrocities of Parashuram the then he is also worshiped as The Lodheswar Mahadev. Lodhi Rajput are Chandravanshi from the lunar deity Chandra.

The Sanskrit word Rajputra is found in ancient texts, including the Vedas, the Ramayana, and the Mahabharata. It was used by the ancient Sanskrit grammarian Pāṇini in the 4th century BCE. The word Kshatriya (“warrior”) was used for the Vedic community of warriors and rulers.

To differentiate royal warriors from other Kshatriyas the word Rajputra was used, which literally means “Son of King” Rajputra eventually was shortened to Rajput. Rajputs belong to one of three great patrilineages, which are Suryavanshi, Chandravanshi and Agnivanshi.

The names Lodhi, Lodh, Lodha are synonymous to Lodhi Rajput. Lodhi Rajput community is diversified in many parts of India. A part of community is very much prominent in North and central India, especially in Westen UP, Vidarbha and its area near Madhya Pradesh, Gujrat and Rajasthan.

They have 23 Rajgharanas (Thikans) in Indian subcontinent starting from the west

  • Teenkotla, in the Sialkot District of present-day Pakistan
  • Lodra in the Multan District of present-day Pakistan
  • Ludrava, Jaisalmair Rajasthan, India.
  • Amarpatan (National Highway No.7, 50 Km away from Maihar) MP, India.
  • Ramgarh, Mandla MP, India.
  • Gahora, Chitrakut MP, India.
  • Kerbana, Bateagarh, Damoh,MP, India.
  • Hindoriya (Hata, Damoh) MP, India.
  • Madanpur Mahroni, (Lalitpur) UP, India.
  • Mankhedi Seoni MP are just few of them.


The community has diversified to a great extent, which has led it to form highly differentiated groups. .There are many groups with varied social and financial standings. They are Landlord, Jagirdar, Zamindar and occupied in agriculture and farming business. Although agriculture is major occupation, they are also having notable presence in politics, teaching, army, engineering and other areas.

Most Notables

Freedom Fighter

·         Avanti Bai, a Lodhi queen of Ramgarh who opposed the British in 1857

·         Gulab Singh Lodhi, freedom fighter, Unnao, Uttarpardesh

·         Matadeen Lodha, freedom fighter

Politicians and Leaders

·         Kalyan Singh, Ex. CM, Uttar Pradesh

·         Dr. Chattarpal Singh, Ex. M.P. Rajya Sabha

·         Swami Shakshi Maharaj, Ex. M.P. Rajya Sabha

·         Hitesh Kumari Lodhi, Ex-Minister U.P

·         Rajbir Singh, MLA, U.P

·         Shri Ganga Prasad, Former Vice-Health Minister, U.P, MLA: 1957-1980

·         Prajapalan Verma, MLA - Sadar Etah, U.P